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Organize Your Kitchen Like a Pro with Gastronorm Polycarbonate Containers

Upgrade your food storage and handling with our premium Gastronorm polycarbonate containers! These versatile containers are a staple in professional kitchens and are perfect for any home cook who wants to streamline their meal prep and organization.

Here’s why you’ll love Gastronorm polycarbonate containers:

  • Standardized Sizes: These containers adhere to the industry-standard Gastronorm sizing system, ensuring they fit seamlessly into prep stations, shelving units, drawers, and commercial foodservice equipment.
  • Crystal Clear Polycarbonate: The transparent material allows for easy identification of contents, saving you time and effort when searching for ingredients or prepped meals.
  • Durable and Lightweight: Polycarbonate is known for its exceptional strength and impact resistance, while remaining lightweight for effortless handling.
  • Temperature Resistant: Safely store and transport both hot and cold food items. These containers withstand temperatures ranging from -40°C (-40°F) for freezing to 100°C (212°F) for reheating (double-check the specific temperature limits of your offered product)
  • Multi-Functional: Perfect for storing ingredients, prepping meals, portioning leftovers, and showcasing desserts.
  • Dishwasher Safe: Effortless cleaning for a busy kitchen.

These Gastronorm polycarbonate containers are ideal for:

  • Chefs and home cooks who value organization and efficiency.
  • Meal prepping and portion control.
  • Storing leftovers and keeping them fresh.
  • Catering and food service businesses.
  • Bakeries and pastry shops.

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