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The Flambé Trolley: Culinary Theatrics Made Easy

The flambé trolley is a mobile workstation designed to bring the excitement of tableside flambé cooking to restaurants and high-end kitchens. It allows chefs to safely and conveniently prepare dishes that involve the dramatic flourish of igniting alcohol to enhance flavor or caramelize ingredients.

Key Features:

  • Double Gas Burner: The centerpiece of the flambé trolley is a double gas burner system, providing a controlled heat source for cooking and flambéing.
  • Gas Bottle Compartment: Most trolleys come with a built-in compartment to securely store the gas bottle, keeping it hidden and out of the way.
  • Work Surface: A heat-resistant countertop provides a stable platform for preparing and assembling flambé dishes.
  • Storage Drawer: A drawer offers storage space for essential tools like spatulas, tongs, and serving utensils used for flambé cooking.
  • Wheels and Handle: For easy maneuverability, the trolley is equipped with wheels and a push handle, allowing chefs to move it effortlessly around the dining area.

Benefits of Using a Flambé Trolley:

  • Enhanced Guest Experience: Tableside flambéing adds a touch of excitement and entertainment to the dining experience, making it a memorable occasion for guests.
  • Improved Safety: The dedicated burner and stable platform of the trolley ensure a safe and controlled environment for flambéing compared to using a stovetop burner directly at the table.
  • Increased Efficiency: Having all the necessary tools and ingredients readily available on the mobile trolley streamlines the flambéing process for chefs.
  • Versatility Beyond Flambé: While ideal for flambé cooking, the trolley’s heat source and work surface can also be used for other culinary tasks like last-minute preparations or keeping dishes warm.

Choosing the Right Flambé Trolley:

  • Size and Capacity: Consider the size of your kitchen or dining area and the volume of flambé dishes you typically prepare.
  • Material: Flambé trolleys are typically made of stainless steel for durability and ease of cleaning. Some models might have wooden accents.
  • Heat Source: While most have double gas burners, some models might offer electric hot plates. Choose the heat source that best suits your needs and kitchen setup.
  • Storage Capacity: Select a trolley with enough drawer space to accommodate your essential flambéing tools.

The flambé trolley is a valuable tool for restaurants and high-end kitchens that want to elevate the dining experience by incorporating the culinary art of flambéing. It provides a safe, efficient, and mobile platform for creating a touch of theatrical magic at the table.


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